Wellness & Spa Hairon Massage By Jasmine

I proudly present Hairon Massage,or Hot Jar Massage with Oil. It features an unique technique using a red-painted reproduction, known as Ban Chiang Clay Jar, which is pottery over 5,000-year-old prehistoric archeological site of Ban Chiang.
Since 1992, the site has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Furthermore, UNESCO has inscribed Traditional Thai Massage as an‘intangible cultural heritage’.

I combine these two things with techniques to make an exclusive body oil massage. By preparing the Ban Chiang Clay Jars in a pot filled with aroma massage oil, then heat them up to the appropriate temperature before applying to the skin.
Moreover, using local herbs such as ginger, turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, gotu kola and fruits
for hot salt pot compression which will help for a good digestive system
or for herbal steam which can improve your blood circulation and enhance your respiratory

Rambutan is the one of well-known local fruits in Surat Thani Province.
Its peel has a benefit by being used as a tool for scrubbing.
For salt scrub foot spa, cream scrub is mixed with ingredients from oyster extract, sea salt and body lotion. After that I use rambutan peels to exfoliate the skin of the feet to treat the new skin underneath and reveal smooth, soft and radiant new skin.
Moreover, cockle is rich natural resources here. its shells can also be used as a foot reflexology
massage mat for relieving a pain.

Surat Thani Province is the center of health tourism with an abundance of natural resources. There are over 600 Thai Massage and Spa shops around the city, which is considered the massage center of the country. The Traditional Thai Massage is a valuable wisdom and regarded as the identity of Thailand.

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